Diode Laser Physics Safety and Applications in Dentistry

This is an introduction into soft-tissue laser training. A 6CEU course for the entire dental team.
Be Prepared to Learn and Understand through video lecture:
  • Laser Physics and identify which lasers Dental Hygienists can use
  • Safety and Application of the diode laser in Dentistry

Course Information

Estimated Time: 6 Lecture Hours

Course Instructor

Joy Raskie Joy Raskie Author

CAO Intro Diode Laser Training


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Course Note Taking Manual – Download This First!

Fundamentals of Lasers

Review of Lasers

Laser Safety

Preparing Your Laser

Duty Cycles and The Golden Rule of Lasers

Utilizing a Laser in Dental Hygiene Practice 

Treating a Cold Sore With Diode Laser

PBM Or Low-Level-Laser Therapy

Dentist Procedures

Conclusion – Our Signature Course

Bonus Section – AMD Lasers Set Up

Bonus Section – Pioneer Lasers Set Up

Bonus Section – Precise, Odyssey 2.4G, Pioneer Pro, Sterling Lasers Set up

Bonus Section – How To Strip and Cleave a Diode Laser


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