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Idaho State Board Laser Rules

  • Closed Sub Gingival Curettage
  • State: 030. DENTAL HYGIENISTS – PRACTICE (RULE 30). Subject to the provisions of the Dental Practice Act, Chapter 9, Title 54, Idaho Code, dental hygienists are hereby authorized to perform the activities specified below: (4-6-05)
  • Direct Supervision. A dental hygienist may perform specified duties under direct supervision as follows: (4-6-05)
  • Use of a laser restricted to gingival curettage and bleaching; (4-6-05)
  • Yes, RDH can use laser. The rules state only Gingival Curettage and bleaching but when we teach in these states other RDH’s are also doing lesion treatments, desensitizing teeth and doing LBR. We leave it up to the clinician and the supervising doctor to decide what the scope of practice is for an RDH.
  • Email:
  • “The only specific mention of laser use mentioned in our statutes and administrative rules is Rule 30 (dental hygienists – practice) which states a dental hygienist is allowed under direct supervision to use a laser restricted to gingival curettage and bleaching.

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