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Denver, CO: Diode Laser Training and Certification

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Utah State Board Laser Rules

  • gingival curettage
  • RDH can use laser to perform laser bleaching and laser periodontal debridement.
  • State: “R156-69-602. Practice of Dental Hygiene.
  • In accordance with Subsection 58-69-102(7)(a)(ix), other practices of dental hygiene include performing laser bleaching and laser periodontal debridement.”
    • Scope of practice: 58-69-102 (7) (a) (ix) does not clearly state gingival curettage
    • 58-69-102.
    • (7)  “Practice of dental hygiene” means, regarding humans:
      • (a)  under the general supervision of a dentist to:
      • (i)  perform preliminary clinical examination of human teeth and gums;
  1. (ii)  make preliminary instrumental examination of patients’ teeth;
  2. (iii)  expose dental radiographs;
  3. (iv)  assess dental hygiene status and collaborate with the supervising dentist regarding a dental hygiene treatment plan for a patient;
  4. (v)  remove deposits, accumulations, calculus, and concretions from the surfaces of human teeth;
  5. (vi)  remove toxins and debris from subgingival surfaces;
  6. (vii)  provide dental hygiene care in accordance with a dentist’s treatment plan for a patient;
  7. (viii)  take impressions of teeth or jaws except for impressions or registrations to supply artificial teeth as substitutes for natural teeth; or
  8. (ix)  engage in other practices of dental hygiene as defined by division rule;
  1. (b)  under the indirect supervision of a dentist to administer in accordance with standards and ethics of the professions of dentistry and dental hygiene:
    1. (i)  local anesthesia; or
    2. (ii)  nitrous oxide analgesia; ..”

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