Joy Raskie

Joy Raskie

Estimated Time: 2 Lecture Hour

Applications of the Diode Laser in Dentistry

This is a comprehensive overview of soft-tissue lasers in dentistry – a 2CEU course for the entire dental team*.

Are you curious on how lasers can be incorporated into dentistry? Join Joy Raskie as she reviews the multiple ways lasers can be incorporated into all facets of dentistry for the dentist, dental hygienists and dental assistant. Learn how the laser interacts with the tissue and why dentists are choosing lasers over conventional methods in the dentist chair. Discover the numerous benefits of laser therapy in the hygiene practice and why dental hygienists are choosing laser over other tools in their dental toolbox. Understand the new research and how everyone in the dental office can use lasers to reduce pain, reduce inflammation and accelerate healing.

Course Objectives:

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