This Online Course is accepted in all states except for Texas and Nevada. For Texas and Nevada require LIVE training which can be found on our home page. [ click here ]
Diode Laser Training and Certification Includes Hands-on Training (Individual RDH)
RDH Online Diode-Laser Course × 1
Subtotal $625.00
Total $625.00


Choose RDH or DDS
RDH Online Diode-Laser Course
Training and Certification Includes Hands-on Training for RDH
DDS Online Diode-Laser Course
Training and Certification Includes Hands-on Training for DDS

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RDH Online Diode-Laser Course× 1
Subtotal $625.00
Total $625.00
By the end of this program you will have:

But above all else, this course will give you the confidence to use laser treatment, with the respective settings, the next day in your practice.

PLUS - the bonus material in this course is worth the price of admission.

What our Attendees have to say



"Convenience was the allure of online with hands-on training, I honestly was not sure what to envision, but I was pleasantly surprised. I would strongly recommend trying it out. I was apprehensive initially too, but Joy and her team made everything convenient and easy. Joy is super attentive and observant throughout the course and during the hands-on training."

- Johnathan Medina, RDH

"Easy to navigate."


“The online portion is easy to navigate and the hands-on portion is easy to schedule. I appreciate having multiple lasers to try-out. Liked the instructional videos showing dentists performing certain procedures, like frenectomy"

- Tasmeem Ahmad, DMD

"Finally Got Clarity!"


“Think about how your time is valuable. I’d much rather spend a few evenings or early mornings rather than sit in a longer class. I absorb the information better than a lumped-together class and could go back to re-watch videos that I needed to. I love that I have access to the class for a year so I can go back and pick up anything that I don’t feel comfortable with. Having access to how to use multiple brands of lasers is helpful too."

- Nadine Carter, BS, RDH

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