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Alabama State Board Laser Rules

  • Gingival Curettage
  • RDH can’t use lasers. DDS can use lasers
  • Email: “ Rule 270-X-3.10 clearly states that hygienists may use a laser for diagnostic purposes only. This is the only mention of lasers in our rules.”
  • State: “Use laser and/or narrow band (light) imaging technology for preliminary diagnostic purposes only with the dentist’s final examination and diagnosis.

     (3)       Dental Hygienists Only:

     (a)       Remove extrinsic stains, accretions, and calcareous deposits from teeth.

  1. (b)        Gingival curettage.
  2. (c)        Root planing.
  3. (d)        Polish completed restorations.
  4. (e)        Place Pit and Fissure Sealant and polish and adjust sealant as needed.
  5. (f)        Place resorbable chlorhexidine chips.
  6. (g)        Place topical or sub-gingival antimicrobial or antibacterial agents.
  7. (h)        Periodontal probing.
  8. (i)        Bleaching of teeth.”
  • Contact: (205) 985-7267

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