How Dental Laser Treatment is changing the Future of Dentistry

Lasers are an integral part of dentistry since 1990 and have been used to combat a number of dental problems.  It can be used as a mode of safe and effective treatment for a wide range of dental procedures and are often used with various dental instruments.

How Lasers are used in dental treatment?

  • Dentist uses laser to remove decay within a tooth and helps in preparing the surrounding enamel for the filling.
  • During root canal treatments, lasers are used to reshape gums and remove bacteria.
  • In case of biopsy, laser is used to take a small piece of tissue for examination of cancer.
  • Lasers are used to speed up teeth whitening procedures.

Benefits of using dental laser in Texas

At Advanced Dental Hygiene, dentists choose laser dentistry because of distinct benefits that make the procedures go more smoothly, and also offer the patients a more relaxed dental experience.

  • Eliminate the need of Anesthesia
  • The laser will sterilize the gums, thus reducing the chances of infection
  • Lesser damage in gums reduces the healing time
  • Reduces the use of sutures in patients
  • Controls bleeding during surgery than the traditional way

Laser dentistry usually provides you with an advanced dental treatment in a painless procedure. Our skilled dental hygienists use two types of dental laser in Texas to help you attain your goals with beautiful results. Each laser uses a different wavelength that makes it apt for cutting into that type of tissue.

Hard Tissue Dental Lasers used primarily for teeth

The wavelength of hard tissue laser cuts through both water and bone, specifically the calcium phosphate that’s in your bones and your teeth. A hard tissue laser is used for

  • Detection of cavities
  • Deals with tooth sensitivity
  • Prepares teeth for dental fillings

Soft Tissue Dental Lasers assist in gum disease treatments

A soft tissue laser uses a light wavelength that haemoglobin and water absorb easily. It is ideal for cutting into soft tissue and sealing the exposed blood vessels. Soft tissue lasers are used for:

  • Lengthening crowns.
  • Dealing with restricted tongue movement.
  • Reshaping of the gums
  • Removing folds in oral soft tissues caused by dentures.

Laser dentistry is one of the convenient and advanced solutions to combat oral and dental problems, whether serious in nature or simply cosmetic.