Introduction to Lasers

This is a 2CEU Course.
AGD Subject Code: 135

Through an interactive lecture this course will take a deep dive into how doctors are utilizing the NEW Blue wavelength for faster, better and more efficient cutting as well as much faster healing times for the patient. All attendees will be able to practice with this new wavelength and see for themselves why doctors are utilizing lasers now more than ever. Lasers in hygiene are a must in the current times. Learn how hygienists can utilize a laser in perio as well as INCREASE PRODUCTION in the hygiene department. Finally, learn how lasers are being utilized to biostimulate tissue, reduce pain and inflammation and accelerate healing with everyday procedures in both the doctor, hygiene and assistant chair. Whether you have been using lasers for years or have never touched a laser, join us to try out the newest laser technologies with this hands-on and interactive discussion on lasers.

Course Objectives

  • Learn how doctors are utilizing soft-tissue lasers in dentistry from benefits for the patient, to revenue for the office
  • Learn the differences of lasers vs scalpels
  • Learn how the NEW Blue Diode wavelength is revolutionizing how doctors cut tissue
  • Learn how lasers are being incorporated into the hygiene department from benefits, to procedures
  • Learn how offices are increasing hygiene production across the board on all visits
  • Learn how lasers are being used to biostimulate tissue, reduce pain, reduce inflammation and accelerate healing
  • Practice using the newest laser technologies in this interactive learning discussion

THU – Sept 30, Houston Texas: Introduction to Lasers

6PM – 8PM – Location: Patterson Dental
5373 W. Sam Houston Parkway N
Suite 240
Houston, Texas 77041

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