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Wisconsin State Board Laser Rules

  • no curettage
  • RDH can use lasers, need hands-on training course, can’t initiate tip. ADH full online and live courses meet these requirements as both include hands-on training.
  • Laser use by Dental Hygienist
  • It is the position of the Wisconsin Dental Examining Board that utilization of a laser device by a hygienist, is allowed when used within the scope of practice of dental hygiene and in adherence to  Stat. § 447.06(2)(b), § 447.06(2)(c), § 447.06(2)(d), and § 447.06(2)(e).
  • At this time, laser use within the scope of dental hygiene practice is as an adjunct device to scaling and root planning.
  • Training is necessary and should include a hands-on proficiency course provided by a recognized sponsor of continuing education, in accordance with the current rules for continuing education.
  • Licensees utilizing laser technology should maintain documentation of the satisfactory completion of the formal continuing education or training.

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