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Ultimate Perio Symposium

So many providers have struggled with attending some truly great educational workshops and events, but then are left with no true direction about how to incorporate their new learning and skills into their daily practice.  At the completion of this course, you will have learned not only the best products and techniques available, but you’ll also walk back into your office Monday morning with confidence and a customized course booklet including a step-by-step actionable protocol ready for implementation.

Joy and Katrina will expertly navigate you through the murky and exotic waters that are ever-expanding with ill-fitting protocols and outdated techniques. These two highly regarded clinicians will unpack the clinical research and explain it in a delightfully clear and conspicuous way. Through a hands-on approach, live demonstrations, protocol specific diode laser module and office inclusive workshopping, you’ll illuminate the dark disease that’s taking the world by storm. You will wrap up the program with a highly effective, patient-centered protocol, that’s been tailored for your own office.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 8 Lecture Hours

Course Instructor

Joy Raskie Joy Raskie Author

1-RDH UPS Training and Certification

1 year of access

1-DDS UPS Training and Certification

1 year of access

1-GP UPS Training and Certification

1 year of access