How laser is enhancing the field of dentistry

The inception of lasers in the evolving field of dentistry has made dental treatments more efficient, cost-effective and offers a relaxing experience to the patients. After the availability of lasers in the mid-1990s, it became a more comfortable treatment option than as compared to drills. With laser dentistry in Colorado life has become easier. The laser is used in a variety of treatment procedures namely

  • In the treatment of hypersensitivity
  • While treating tooth decay
  • In the cure of gum diseases
  • Used in the teeth whitening procedure and
  • Most importantly used in biopsy and lesion removal

Types of Procedures used in laser dentistry

  • Hard tissue lasers – it is related to teeth
  • Soft tissue lasers – refers to the gums

Hard tissue procedures are used in

Detection of cavities: lasers can easily detect the cavities and can find the trace of tooth decay and helps to remove it easily.

Used in dental fillings: in case of laser treatments, local anesthesia and traditional drills are not required. Lasers kill bacteria that are present in a cavity which can damage the health of tooth in long run.

Treatment of tooth sensitivity: used to seal tubules present on the tooth’s root.

Soft tissue procedures are used in

Reshape the gum tissue: lasers are used in reshaping the gum tissue; in which the gum’s length covers much of the tooth.

Crown lengthening: in this process lasers are used to reshape both gum tissue and bone for a healthier tooth structure, which further helps in the placement of restorations on the teeth.

Removal of soft tissue folds: used to remove soft tissue folds from ill-fitting dentures without giving any unpleasant experience to the patients.

Treating periodontal diseases: used to treat periodontitis and kills bacteria thus activating tissue regrowth.

Educational institutions like Advanced Dental Hygiene provides various course program on soft tissue and hard tissue lasers thus giving a deeper insight into its usage on patients. Nowadays amd laser in Oklahoma City is trending for its easy go nature. Laser usage is setting a new standard in the field of dentistry to treat a variety of different dental ailments.